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Group LOAN

Fast. Simple. Secure.

Obtain a group loan from UNICEL RURAL CREDITCARE FOUNDATION to access financial support for your small business or personal needs. Group loans often involve joint responsibility among members, offering shared accountability and a simplified application process. UNICEL RURAL CREDITCARE FOUNDATION cater to those with limited access to traditional banking, providing accessible and tailored financial solutions.

How do these Group loans work?

In simple terms, a lender considers the invoices or monies you have owing as an asset. They’ll lend you a percentage of the money that’s owed to you, then pay you the remaining balance once they’ve collected the invoice, less a small percentage

Here’s Group Loan

Step One

A lender could pay you 80% of a single invoice or the total balance of your combined invoices.

Step Two

The remaining 20% is paid to you once your client has paid the invoice.

Step Three

Finally, just less a ‘factor fee’ of 1 to 3%.

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