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What to look for while choosing a university

“A university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library.” A brilliant thought quoted by an American writer Shelby Foote. Indeed, a university is nothing but a structure covered by four walls, and miracles happen at every corner, be it a classroom, laboratory, library, auditorium, or play area. Now, you can imagine how important infrastructure is for a sound educational framework within the campus.

The foundation of good learning and education can only be laid on sound infrastructure. This is the major reason why students couldn’t have to sacrifice their studies during Covid 19. It’s because of the advanced setup and top-notch infrastructure of the institution that students’ learning remained unaffected at the time of the pandemic. Also, many high-grade universities have made brilliant infrastructural setups like virtual classrooms, high-speed internet, advanced labs, and everything required for good digital infrastructure. The fact cannot be denied that Higher Educational Institutions’ classrooms and interior setup have an impeccable impact on a student’s growth and learning. There are multiple instances where it has been proven that high-grade infrastructure and excellent amenities decrease dropout rates and enhance positive results. As per the latest study from the UK, it has been discovered that infrastructural elements of an educational institute lay impact students’ learning through three factors, namely, naturalness (related to air quality and light), individualization (related to space of learning) and stimulation (related to color or complexity). The improper layout of the buildings in Higher Education Institutions where there is no ventilation and natural light inside the classrooms, badly maintained furniture, poorly managed cafeterias and pantries, messed-up labs and libraries, and unhygienic washrooms can never develop a vibrant and lively learning environment within the campus. Regarding the academic growth and development of the students, the faculty fully utilizes the university’s resources, including air-conditioned classrooms with digital boards, smart projectors, labs, and a library.


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